Data Analysis and Visualization

Reduce decision-making uncertainty with a data analysis and visualization toolkit.


8 weeks, excluding


7–10 hours per week,
entirely online

Learning Format

Weekly modules,
flexible learning

42 percent of core skills required to perform existing jobs are expected to change by 2022.1

1 World Economic Forum (Jan, 2018).

This Course Is for You If:

  • You’re a functional analyst who utilizes data and analytical models to inform specific functions and business decisions.
  • You’re in a data-driven, managerial position and need to learn how to leverage data and inform strategic and operational decisions.
  • You want to move into an analytical role and familiarize yourself with data analysis and communicating data.

Course Curriculum

Module 1:
Data Analysis and Visualization Tools

Explore more advanced functionalities of Excel to create multi-sheet models and understand what visualizations comprise.

Module 2:
Answering Practical Business Questions

Learn to use data to answer effective business questions in order to find data-driven solutions.

Module 3:
SQL and Relational Databases

Access central datastores to enable more comprehensive analyses.

Module 4:
Practical Statistics

Introducing a practical approach to statistics for data analysts.

Module 5:
Predictive Analytics

Conduct a regression analysis and describe the likelihood of possible outcomes.

Module 6:
Data Communication, Ethics and Regulations

Communicate your results to key stakeholders and consider the broader implications of your work.

Module 7:
Tableau and Data Storytelling

Use Tableau as a medium to communicate a cohesive data story.

Module 8:
Automating Data Analysis Tasks Using VBA

Become more effective by using automation.


This course aims to equip you with data analysis and visualization skills using sophisticated and in-demand tools such as Tableau and SQL. A basic proficiency in Excel is recommended, and while there are no prerequisites for this course, it’s recommended that students have a basic understanding of SQL before registering.

You'll Walk Away With:


An understanding of the fundamentals of data analysis such as advanced Excel functions, databases, and practical statistics.


The ability to effectively visualize data using Tableau – a highly regarded visualization tool.


The skills to pose useful business questions and communicate data insights effectively to stakeholders using data storytelling.


Data analysis and visualization skills using sophisticated tools such as Tableau, SQL and VBA.

Your Academic Director

Camden Kirkland

Mr. Kirkland received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Houston and has gone on to become a lead instructor at both Trilogy Education Services and Rice University’s Glasscock School of Continuing Studies. He has experience as a specialist in web development and data analytics, and has a background in electrochemistry. Mr. Kirkland previously worked as a chemist at Doble Engineering before becoming an instructor. He currently teaches Data Analytics and Financial Technologies at Rice University’s Glasscock School of Continuing Studies.

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